Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Another Year Over!

As I sat here reflecting on the last day of 2013 I realised I hadn't updated for a few months so here I am to start the year rolling. What a year 2013 has been. So many things achieved yet so many things still waiting to be done. My personal challenge about 15 months ago was to create some balance in my life and create memories for our girls through adventures, activities and experiences. At this point I do have to say that we have had some great memories this year starting with a great summer holiday last Christmas at Oakura to sending Taya off to school this year, a great family campervan holiday to Rotorua in September, Astyn & Kaylan started daycare and we are about to embark on our first camping holiday in just a few days. Here are some pics of the year just been. 

Rotorua Family Fun
Taya's first day of school - Whenuapai Primary
Taya's 5th Birthday Party
We have done a pretty good job and cramming all of this in - memories of 2013 complete TICK...I was also desperate to get some family photos done which we are very happy with. I can't wait to get them printed and put into our new house later this year. The girls are a great age and the photos show their personalities off which I love. Here are the ones we got - the hard decision now is where and which ones will we use?

Family Photos - Karyn Flett Photography Nov 2013
We have been very fortunate that 2013 has been kind to us. We have all stayed fairly healthy, we haven't had to farewell anyone we know well. We hope that 2014 is just as kind to us in this way...

My challenge of creating balance has somewhat just turned into how well I can juggle things. The girls are older and no doubt it is easier to get out, spend more time doing some stuff just for me and this has definitely been a blessing. Joel and I had our first weekend away without kids to a friends wedding in Wellington just a few weeks ago and I hope that the next year lets us do more things like this. We have played touch with a bunch of friends who we use to play with years ago and the kids have loved it, its nice to be able to feel normal again and not feel like the world of multiples (and 3 young children) is ruling our life.

We are hitting the ground running in 2014. The first 6 months will be spent building our house and hopefully making the move before winter (ideally). Work obviously for both of us and settling into life at school for Taya. She has had a taste of it for a few weeks in this last term but next year will be good for her. I hope to spend a bit more time with miss A & K doing stuff we haven't managed because its all been a bit tricky. Getting out to the zoo, maybe joining a little dance class or swimming lessons perhaps - will definitely get onto this in the new year. We have another special wedding in the next few months and will welcome a little Nasmith cousin for our girls so exciting times ahead!

So as you all see in the new year we hope you are all safe and well wherever you are. We wish you all the best for the year ahead. The last went extremely fast and I'm certain this one will too. I found a quote the other day which I really liked so here it is...A little reminder of what is truly important in life and a priority of mine over the next year!

Cherish your life
Cherish your Health
Cherish your Family
Cherish your Friends
For these are the things 
that money can't buy and
will define your
True Wealth.   

Monday, 19 August 2013

Slowly Making Progress!

Well as the title suggests I finally feel like I am slowly ticking things off. The year is passing me by like crazy as I'm sure it is with most of you. I have to admit I have felt somewhat out of my league the last few months - it takes a lot for me to admit that but WOW I am walking on eggshells and treading on some very thin ice with little room to move.

What started with a mission for some balance and a little bit of me time has taken a huge turn but the benefits I can see are yet to come. I have learn't so much about myself in the last few months that I'm sure the hard work will pay off in the near future - Here's hoping! I have learn't I have more OCD tendencies I ever thought I had, I really am a control freak and I find it extremely hard to relax even for just a minute.

Back in May I dived into the idea of returning to work. So glad that I have but along with it has bought another year of study and some very late nights. I had reached a point (after almost 5 years of not working full time) that I selfishly felt like just a mum. Don't get me wrong I LOVE my kids to bits and for they last 5 years they have been my everything BUT I have also invested so much time, energy and sacrificed a lot in that time and so now it is my time again. Although I love being a mum and wouldn't trade it for the world I also love being me - I have worked too hard to just be a mum and I know I can be a great mum as well as having my own time as well. I love going to work for the challenge it switches the brain back on and pushes me but I also love going to work so I can choose which hat I wear that day. I can choose whether to talk about my kids or not and I am first known as Jelena and not "Taya's mum" which is somewhat refreshing. I'm sure almost all parents would agree that when your kids reach pre-school age you all of a sudden loose your own name. You become known as "Taya's mum" and often the parents you meet would never know your name yet would recognise your child walking down the street or in a shop or at swimming lessons.

On reflection I have spent the last 10 years at university and during that time I thought it was tough. Those years have had nothing on the last 6 months trying to work, study and raise 3 young kids and I am fairly confident that my years of study have come to and end (assuming I pass this paper). It has been a steep learning curve for me but I have realised just how much one can handle with very little sleep, no down time and some serious deadlines. With 5 weeks to go I will continue to hide in my little corner of the world and when I'm done I will be able to say that I have completed my Masters in Health Practice. It will be a huge relief and the beginning of a somewhat normal life!

Apart from making the ridiculous decision to study I have been busy planning an exciting break away for us. Very nervous how it will go but each day as I watch our girls playing and exploring I know they are ready. We are packing up and heading away to Rotorua for a campervan holiday. It will be amazing I'm sure with so many first's for the girls. We are going to head home via the mountain and hopefully get a day in at the snow as well. Although its not going to be the relaxing holiday I would so dearly love it will be well worth is all the same. Watch this space for some photos!

We also have the pending big 5th birthday coming up in a few weeks and a big girl ready for school. Taya is so excited and so ready for school which is so nice to see. I'm not sure she realises what going to school means but I don't plan on bursting her bubble anytime soon. I'm finding its a fine line between talking about it enough to get her excited and talking about it too much that she goes off the idea. Luckily we have a busy few weeks ahead and it should go quickly.

We also have the house plans done and dusted pretty much. Plans are being drawn up as we speak and here is hoping we make a start before xmas. We have been living here 15 months now and I am slowly getting frustrated. The more stuff we have lying around from uni, house stuff, party stuff the more I get annoyed at the lack of space and the little hands that can slowly reach higher and higher to get into trouble. We are on the countdown - 8 months I think and we should be nearing the end of the building process - BRING IT ON! A sneak peek...At the moment we are living in a house the size of the wing on the left hand size. Having space is going to be bliss. Oh wait having a bedroom is going to be bliss and a dishwasher and a laundry and a wardrobe and a bathroom I dont have to share with 3 kids - ah Bliss - 8 months here I come!

Despite the madness we have still managed to get and about amongst the weather as well. Here are some recent photos of the tribe and the zoo on "Tiger Day". The girls loved it and the face painting was a major hit.

At the beginning of the year I naively commited to a 52 week challenge with the group of photographers. An interest of mine for a long time yet no formal training so I embarked on this journey and am desperately failing but hopefully after our holiday I will be back on track. Here are a few of the photos I have submitted along the way. Each week there is a different topic and many of the photographers are amazing so its great following their ideas and learning along the way.
With very little time left this year I am slowly ticking off the to do list...I have once again been reminded of how precious time is and I am often forced to remind myself that these cheeky monkeys are only small once. So despite my desire to be "more than just a mum" I love every minute of the hardest job in the world - good and bad times I learn something about myself every day. I guess even though the me time is slim I am still creating memories and still working towards the balance in my life and at the end of the day that is my challenge in progress! Its hard to think that 2.5 years ago the 2 smallest critters in our family arrive and then today they are charging around on 2 wheel bikes and telling me "me not want to ever again" - time really does go fast.

 Like I said ill hide go and hide in my little part of the world yet again - I will surface again in a few weeks time ready to enjoy spring/summer...wouldn't that be nice!



Monday, 27 May 2013

One year on & we have survived!

I'm determined to keep this going for the sake of those who don't live close and its been almost a month so an update is due. Surprisingly enough this weekend we have been in our little cottage/shack as I call it for one year. Crazy but just goes to show how quickly life is flashing by. I do have to admit I'm slightly excited to be hopefully well & truly living in our new house within the next year and to have some nice little luxuries back (like a dishwasher) and a wardrobe where our clothes wont have to stored in which ever little space has room but other than that the year has been SO much easier than I thought it would be with 5 of us living in 2 rooms. Just goes to show we don't need all the luxuries we think we do!

Back at work back at work - back to reality. It's a hard task to fit even more into our weeks than what I already feel we do but I'm am really enjoying it. Just 2 mornings a week to start with and it's great. I'm up before the kids are and daddy is doing the morning shift getting girls ready for the fabulous nanny on a Tuesday and holding fort until I get home on a Friday. The peace & quiet is bliss, adult conversation is somewhat unusual for me so that's great as well. One more month then I'm going to add another day. Have to say I didn't think I missed going to work but I actual did and I'm glad I can manage to do a bit and still get to spend time with my girls!

Uni Uni Uni - oh gosh not sure how this is going to pan out but you gotta do what you gotta do. Assignments are what get me and managing the time where I can sit and think for more than 2 minutes without someone biting at my ankles for something is actually quite difficult. It's meant for some late nights but I have to keep reminding myself its only for the short term and bring on the end of September & ill be done - even more time to spare then and perhaps more time to spend absorbing everything I can at work.

Two goals I set for myself when starting my blog was to create balance & more me time! I think allowing more me time has sent the balance in life a bit off scale but I can live with that for now (I hope). Balance at the moment is divided between work, Uni, planning & designing our house which we need to get a shuffle on with and creating some nice girly rooms for the kids, planning a somewhat important 5th birthday, I'm also meant to be doing my 52 photography challenge although I'm successfully failing at that big time and need to catch up ALOT oh and looking after the rug rats.

BUT super excited we have booked a family holiday for end of September when I'm finished Uni and before Taya starts school. Off in a campervan we will go for a week to Rotorua & the mountain if there is still some snow. Can't wait the kids will have a blast and hopefully we will not loose to much sleep (think I'm kidding myself).

So for now my "me time" is what I get at work and the balance is non existent but hey we can't complain about anything, we are all as healthy as you can get through winter and the kids haven't strangled each other yet - although some days it does get close. Tackling practice is a common after dinner activity in our house (perfect with the queen size bed camped out in the lounge) and we are all just trucking along. No photos this time very few times has my camera been used hence my big time fail with my photography challenge but I promise to change that this month!

When I update next time ill be one more assignment down, working 3 days a week and hopefully be uploading some photos!

Hope you are all good, healthy and enjoying what few sunny days we have.

The Nasmiths xoxo

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Good things take time!

Well it's May already & for the last few weeks I've been saying to myself that I should probably put a new post up. This year is flying by it's ridiculous. I last posted while still on Xmas holidays and now we are almost 1/4 of the way through. So what have we been doing....plenty and ill attempt to fill you in as much as my recollection will allow.

Well we have been enjoying the sun that's for sure. People have been asking about the building progress - Lots going on around our little piece of dirt apart from a house though. A front fence, the start of some gates to contain the mad children that seem to roam this property & some more planting about to happen. If we can squeeze some painting of the little cottage in before we get some decent rain through that would be ideal but it all takes time so will see how we go. We are moving ahead slowly with house plans trying to find the time to decide on what we want...perhaps a few more hours each day would be nice. Heres hoping we have a house by this time next year! Some latest house photos (or lack of house haha).

Apart from the house duties we have had bursts of visitors from the mighty Sydney was awsome seeing the fam & can't wait to have them back. The girls love their big cousins and follow them around endlessly while they are here. They have been gone for 2 weeks now and only just the last couple of days have we not had Kayla? Kayla? Portny? the minute they wake up. Ah bless im sure the big cousins are probably glad to have some peace & quiet. The latest photo of the 7 Beautiful Nasmith Girls!

I have been fairly busy although its a good busy (i think) - lots of stuff going on for Uni my brain is starting to switch on although reading the old anatomy books again is not that fun. Luckily I'm only really having to learn to appear limb makes it a bit easier to get through. Uni is good started slow but that suits me. I have just had a course on casting which was great made me feel like ive made the right call. Splinting course tomorrow and my first block week at uni. Slightly nervous ok ALOT nervous thinking that this time next week ill be starting work - hmmmmm!

I've finished 8 weeks of work with census stuff (never again!!!) good to get a bit of money to spend on me but man it was not fun, stinkin hot weather that just didn't let up, not nice really but hey it's over with now.

One of my 'me' goals at the beginning of the year was to do The whenuapai half marathon - ah that didnt happen. Excuses excuses - just simply couldnt get the training in for me to feel ok about running that far. Im not going to kid myself and think ill do the auckland cause reality is I wont. Too dark, too cold to train at night so maybe i could find another one later in the year.

Astyn & Kaylan have just turned 2 a couple of weeks back which is a bizarre feeling - doesn't feel like 2 years has gone by but obviously it has. They are cheeky little monkeys with words rolling out like no thing now. Good in some ways but not in others especially when big sis can now teach them things to say hmmmm. The other day I had miss 4 sitting in time out calling her sisters and telling them to growl mummy. Next minute 2 little heads are popping around the corner with a growl to follow - time out has since been moved to just outside the front door where the young & impressionable cant be influenced! It also means that either miss 2's can't go and join bis sis in time out saying NO NO NO all the way there even if they were the ones who were at the end of a push, hit etc they still feel the need to take sides. Here are the latest photos of Taya & the duo in crime - Bit cheeky!


Another big part of the year is the count down for miss Taya going to school so its going to be a busy few months ahead trying to get into the swing of a new routine and settling a very eager school girl into school. We had a walk through a couple of schools and we just have to make a call really - being a responsable parent i think its called? Better hurry up its only a few months away.

There is plenty more going on around here but never mind the boring bits perhaps next time I post we may have some more progress on the house front. Ah good things take time. We were just talking the other day about the things we would appreciate most when we have a new house - a dishwasher, some storage space and not much more. I quite like cleaning only 70m2 of house it doesn't take too long! Although i quite like a room where i can go and hide sometimes too and that is near impossible in this place - work sounds like a fab option.

Hope you are all good and keeping well - plenty of catch ups needed!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Hello 2013...

Well we have come to the end of a great few weeks of sun and fun!

We have had a nice break, a few days at Bach, lots of day trips to zoo, wynard quarter, beach, bush walks, park & swimming pools. The girls have loved it and its been nice to have an extra set of hands around while Joel has been off work BUT Back to reality on Monday Joel is back to work and Taya is starting daycare 3 x week as well. She is super excited (and so is mummy). Here is a snipit of some of our summer holiday! (excuse the photos - having huge issues loading on blogger so these are photos of photos).
Summer Fun @ Oakura
Beach Beach Sandy Beach

So what's on the horizon in 2013? It's going to be a good year I just have a feeling. A few little challenges up my sleeve for me. I am making some me time a priority - the girls are ready for it and so am I. We have 12 months ahead of us before we start building so I'm going to make the most of it.

In a few weeks ill be starting back at Uni doing a couple of papers which will be a HUGE challenge for me. My brain will have to switch function modes and ill actually have to refresh over a few books I think. Should be good and a nice year to get back into things without too many distractions & who knows maybe even back to work for a few hours a week.

I'm also challenging myself this year with a half marathon. Anyone who is keen to join me please do. I'm doing the Whenuapai half which is in April. With 2 runs up my sleeve I'm not sure I have made the right choice but none the less I will try my hardest!

Taya will be off to school in October - it will come around quickly no doubt!

I'm continuing on my mission for balance & memories so I have also signed up for a wee challenge with my camera. Challenge 52 is a group of people who want to learn more about their SLR cameras and mine has been sitting on the shelf since I got it pretty much so I'm embarking on taking 1 photo per week following a theme for the whole year. I'm am by far a novice although its something I really enjoy so I'm hoping to learn A LOT from the more experienced people in the group. Here are my photos for the first 2 weeks!

Week 1 - New Years & Week 2 - Silouette

I have also "borrowed" some nice little ideas off Pinterest to start creating some memories for our girls. I have purchased a notebook in which I am intending on writing something everyday about what we do. Just a 1 liner from things like going to the park, zoo, new experiences and milestones in the girls lives. I figured this is an easy task with no great deal of writing needed and something I intend to do for a few years so when the girls are bigger it will be a nice thing to look back on & remember the things we have done over the years! When I look back even over the photos on here I realise how quickly the girls are growing. It is actually quite scary (reminds me everyday to keep the memories alive).

Right I'm at my limit for the first 6 months of the year at least so no more challenges for me...just gotta stick with them now & tick them off.

Hope you have all had a break of some kind & are all ready for the year ahead!

Thursday, 13 December 2012

There is always a positive out of every situation...

There is always a positive out of every situation....thats what im trying to train myself to think!

I am trying to take a positive out of everything that hits me because quite frankly we have had a hetic few months! I was thinking this morning after our night last night of projectile vomitting that since i went to melbourne for a "fun" weekend i have not had a moment without children (other than once they are in bed). I have had 2 if not 3 of them stuck to my side for the last 81 days! 81 days yes I'm desperate for a break and cant wait for Joel to finish work next Friday. Bring it on. So my positives from the last few months:

* Chicken pox - At least the girls should only get them once
* Teething - At least these too should only be a drama until they are through
* A child falling out the window - Thank GOD she didnt really hurt herself (could have been worse)
* Projectile Vomitting a week before xmas - Its the week before xmas would have been worse if it was next week (although miss 3 was extremely upset to miss her school xmas party today so that was a hard one to come up with). Might just have to take her to the Smith & Caughey enchanted forrest to make up for it!
* Our girls also suffer really badly with hayfever to the point where their noses are like taps for much of the last 3 months - Only positive i can think of for this is that it can be treated with medication so 5 trips to the dr we seem to have this sorted.

When i read over these "positives" they are so desperate haha but at the moment I am desperate for a reason to think positively so ill go with it. If I dont I will officailly be diagnosed as insane.

We have infact had some fun times in the build up to xmas and this is what keeps me going - seeing the girls enjoying the gorgeous weather we have had as well as getting really excited when they see Santa somewhere. This year was the first year Taya has willingly had a photo with Santa by herself and not freaked out so that was a big milestone for her. I did however have to do a last minute dash to santa's workshop to pick up a wee gift that has been mentioned constantly since meeting santa and because Mummy elf was so organised this year the special gift had no made it into the santa sack!!! memo for next year - visit santa's workshop much later once the requests are in! We have had some fab catch ups with people who we havent seen for ages and its great to get out and feel normal - lots more to come too so I'm excited!

We are making good progress on the house front, our planting is done for the year, the plans are probably 80% done and we have very few things to do over our xmas break so we can hopefully ENJOY! We are still looking at building this time next year so we have plently of time, plenty of planning left to do and all the bits & pieces in the middle but im sure next year will go just as quick as this year and we will be living in our new house before we know it. We have been living in the "cottage" for 6 months already and it is just crazy time has gone this fast. Ah 6 months gone whats another 12 months living in a shoe box?

Here are some photos of how we are getting on:

Building site straight ahead!

Enjoying the strawberries!!!

Hanging out at the xmas parade
As for xmas - we are just going to enjoy every minute this year. We have time at the bach, crazy racheal coming to visit and lots of yummy food to enjoy what more could we ask for? We really are pretty lucky even dispite the madness of our family we are pretty healthy otherwise and we have lots of things to be thankful for so i really should quite my whinging and get on with it. Right there we go its out of my system man up & move on! 

Merry Christmas everyone - hope you have a safe & happy xmas and 2013 brings everything you want and much much more. Take Care, drive safe - "The Nasmiths" xoxo

Monday, 12 November 2012


What a change the last few weeks has been... Refreshing that's for sure! On the kids front we are pretty much back to normal all sleeping and free of bugs (for now). Teeth have all made an appearance and life is back to "normal". I have had a chance to get back on track with my mission for the year - to create balance and memories and I am definitely feeling somewhat human again. We have set up our home gym and I have subjected myself to a personal 30 day challenge. It has been very challenging mentally and physically. I have not exercised properly/consistently for 4 years so when my program I was following said I needed to do 20 push ups and I couldn't even do 1 I knew I was in trouble... I am on day 12 and feeling so much better for it. I am being challenged and it feels great to be seeing & feeling some improvements - I have no excuses the gym is in our shed so I surely cannot fail at this one!

I am however finding it hard to squeeze so much into one day - I really do wish there were more hours I could use but that's not to be. In fact I have to say that the busier I am the more organised I am. Thanks to my new found diary (inner-b) for all you mums out there it's great!!! Everything is in one place and it really does make life easier.

We are all gearing up for Xmas in our house with one very excited 4 year old. We are hoping to have a good break and enjoy some sun. We (Joel) has been working hard on the gardens etc around here so we should be job free and with such a small house no real reason to stay home. That's the plan anyway!

I shall have some new photos to upload with my next post - the SLR is in need of dusting and I must make the purchase worth while so watch this space. Until then hope everyone is happy & healthy - we are overdue for a catch up with so many people but hoping December will change that & we can see most of you.